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Facial Treatments

Facial Treatments

The skin is like a mirror reflecting our general state of health, all it takes is a simple physiological malfunction, an unbalanced diet, an unhealthy lifestlye or any kind of stress and the fact that all is not well becomes immediately apparent on our skin. When these "disorders" occur, essential oils are the ideal solution because of their remarkable affinity with the skin.

This affinity with the skin allows essential oils to bestow their precious life force, providing a deep reaching form of treatment.

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Decléor Facials

Choose from a Mini Facial or Aromaplastie Facial (1hr 15mins)

This prescriptive facial is tailor made to every skin type, using products to rebalance your skins concerns, leaving your skin soft, smooth and refreshed. With 100% natural active ingredients.

  • Essential – Dehydrated Skin
  • Soothe – Sensitive Skin
  • Purify – Combination/Oily Skin
  • Nourish – Dry Skin
  • Lift – Mature Skin
  • Radiance – Dull Skin
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Purifying Facial

Perfect for teenage, hormonal, problem oily skin types Using specialised products for oily skin types and a high frequency antibacterial deep cleansing treatment to help in the disappearance of blemishes and blackheads

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Express 30 Minute Facial

As above but without the antibacterial deep cleansing treatment

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Purifying Back "Facial"

Treat problem backs to the same facial

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Sodashi Aromatherapy Facial with Tsubo Pressure Point Massage

“Sodashi” signifies pure and radiant; choose from:

  • Soothing for Sensitive skin
  • Balancing for Combination skin
  • Hydrating for Dry or thirsty skin
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Detoxifying Facial

A deep cleansing facial perfect for congested skins showing signs of open or larger pores, incorporating facial galvanic and high frequency therapy giving a noticeable balancing effect on the skin

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