Happy New Year!

Happy New Year to all our lovely clients past, present and future.

You may have heard we are now the proud owners of a Caci Ultimate machine.

Our top of the range Caci Ultimate machine is becoming more popular day by day, it arrived with us in December and already Sarah is in demand for the various treatment options available.

Caci is firstly known for its Micro Current Non-surgical Facelift which came to England in 1992, Micro current was initially used in the Medical Field to treat patients suffering Bells Palsy and Strokes.  All of the Caci systems use a micro current to lift, tone and re-educate the muscles back to their original position.

Micro current works in harmony with the body’s natural bio-electrical field, the bodies electrical impulses and the ones provided by the Caci Machine are very similar which in turn means the current is virtually sub-sensory and therefore you barely feel anything through out the treatment.

Micro current:

Increases cell energy by up to 500% more than having a standard hands on facial.

Increases collagen activity by up to 60%

Increases elastin in the skin by up to 73%

Has beneficial healing effects.

CACI is ideal for everyone, males and females. For those of you concerned about ageing and are under the age of 30 Caci will work at a prevention treatment, 30’s and above will start to work on re-educating the facial muscles.

CACI has a huge Celebrity following – Jennifer Lopez, Lisa Snowden, Barbara Windsor, Michelle Collins and Dale Winston are all regular users of the machine.

The treatments include the revolutionary Jowl lift 

Lip plump 

LED light therapy 

Acne treatments 

Full CACI facials

The CACI treatments can be used as an alternative to Botox and Filler treatments, it can also be used to compliment your injection treatments.


Available as a single treatment for that special occasion or for more dramatic and sustainable results courses of 10 are recommend.      Treatments for a full CACI facial start at £45 with courses of 10 discounted to £400.

We are so convinced you will love the results that we are offering free consultations with Sarah which include a demonstration of the machine or why not come to our next demonstration evening in March.      

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